Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Held Captive in a Parking Lot....

One never knows what a Sunday morning will present for personal reflection and application. For me, most Sundays mean a rich time of good music and singing that makes my heart soar up to God....discussions and interactions with people I care about ...and a challenge to or an encouragement for my spiritual journey. Maybe even having my spiritual journey connect with someone else's...

On this particular Sunday the service had ended, and I was expecting company for Sunday dinner (notice how "lunch" on any other day becomes "dinner" on Sunday?) so I was intent on ending my conversation, gathering up my stuff and getting home before the others arrived. Since we were having take-out Chinese, all I had to do was heat up the rice, set the table and wait... but hey, those are important tasks, and I was going to get a head start by leaving earlier than usual. I jumped in my Honda minivan and started forward, glancing up just in time to see a large Canadian goose blocking my path. He was flapping his beak open and closed, so I assume he was making goose noises but I couldn't hear them from inside my motorized army tank. A look to the left confirmed that I was dealing with a male who was in protection mode; his wife was nesting on the small island in the middle of the parking lot. A goose nested there every year, but I had never met up with her husband before, and believe me, he was formidable. He just stood there, flapping his beak at me, refusing to move an inch. I decided to edge forward, hoping eventually he would choose to flap his wings and fly-step grumpily out of the way rather than be run over. No problem, right? Wrong. I inched forward until I could no longer see his head, but no fly-step sideways occurred. Oh no, had I trapped his feet under the wheel, so that he couldn't move if he wanted to?! I couldn't stand the suspense, so I reversed slowly until I saw him, still standing in the same spot, flapping his beak at the grill above my bumper.

Where was everybody else from church? Didn't they have company to prepare for? Couldn't they see I was in trouble here? Apparently not. OK, I was on my own, but I was NOT going to let this macho goose situation spoil MY Sunday----I turned around and went out another exit.


  1. poor goosey!!! Quite an adventure! Could he still walk after his foot got smushed? -Sarah

  2. After you left a more macho male from inside the building came out and got your goose to move. He flapped his makeshift goose wings (pockets in his jean jacket and elbows flying) and made hissing noises. This bigger male was upset the protective goose was after the kids so he very effectively got the "old gander" to move away... till he went back inside the building anyway.

  3. Sarah---no foot smushy---and no move-ee
    Thanks for reading--need your good comments--Dad said this wasn't as funny as the others.

    Kim--thanks for the post-script to my adventure! I wonder who that bigger macho male was?:)