Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What You Don't Know...Can It Hurt You??

The other day I was cruising along High Street and out of the corner of my eye saw a Channel 10 truck parked next to Tee Jay's---you know, the restaurant at Morse and High Street with the giant red arrow that lights up at night? I didn't think much about it, or of the live report going on, since both are common occurrences in Columbus. If I were still in the little farming town in Connecticut where I grew up, however, a news camera filming live would be HUGE and everyone would stop to see what was happening! I just kept cruising.

If I HAD stopped to investigate, I would have heard about an undercover policeman who saw two guys committing a robbery early that morning at a Starbucks south on High; he went after them, chasing them North. To clarify, this was not a foot chase---I think that only happens on tv--this was a genuine police car chase. Who knows how it all would have ended if the getaway car hadn't driven to the Morse Road intersection? The sight of that giant red arrow must have triggered something in the driver's psyche, because he yanked the wheel to the right, squealed (I added this for affect) into the parking lot, lost control of his right foot (the message to hit the brake did not get through) and smashed right into the side of the restaurant!!

Now, what was he thinking? If I turn in here I can hide behind that giant arrow? My conclusion is that his conscience finally kicked in---all right already, enough crime is enough! So when he saw that giant arrow waving him into Tee Jay's parking lot, he saw his chance to set things right--- to submit to The Message beaming from the giant red arrow: TURN IN HERE! SIGNED, THE LAW. Later on he might have remembered what he didn't know at that moment: for any driver, following an arrow sign, albeit a giant red lighted one, into a parking lot is purely optional. Driving right by it would NOT have been breaking the law...

Post Script: The two men were apprehended, arrested and are currently being investigated for several business robberies that have taken place across Columbus.


  1. I think you should be an alternative newscaster. Your take of the news is so much more exciting. In the process of perusing the news article online regarding the ordeal, I also found this one. Looks like it'll be a little while before I hit up the thrift store:

  2. Thanks, Leigh I heard about the mercury spill at VOA, but it was a little scary for me---I go in there a lot---too close to home. No mer-cu-ry
    for me!

    Your comments are very encouraging---so I should keep going?

  3. Hey my sweetie -- nice try at invading this law=breaker's psyche. Somehow I'm not convinced, but it does make for some good chuckles.